Marmaris,Den 18 Km Uzaklıkta 19000M2 Denize Sıfır Otel Arsamız Satılıktır.


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marmarise 18 km uzaklıkta denize sıfır 19 dönüm 5 yıldızlı otel tatil köyü yapımına uygun otel arsamız satılıktır.denize sıfır olup denizi harikadır.çevresinde lüks işadamlarının otelleri ve malikanleri mevcuttur.havalanı 100 km dir.muhteşem çam ağacı ormanı içinde denizi ile harika bir otel yapmak isterseniz imar emlak olarak yardımcı olmak isteriz.daha detaylı bilgi için cep telefonundan arayınız.

PROPERTY FOR SALE IN MARMARIS Beautiful Marmaris is a holiday destination in the Mugla province of southwestern Turkey, located approximately 100km from Dalaman International Airport with a drive of approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes passing by some wonderful scenery of vast open green landscapes and finally heading down a steep mountain road which is where you catch your first glimpse of the resort and the azure of the Mediterranean Sea which will take your breath away. A former fishing village that is today a huge port town with a huge natural harbour and yacht marina, and a very popular seaside destination that offers a lively atmosphere and a wonderfully warm climate like many coastal regions of southern Turkey. The resort offers something for all ages with many lively bars and nightclubs, several aqua parks, a long stretch of sandy beaches that curve around a peninsula meeting several other quieter resorts such as Icmeler, Turunc, and Selimye on the opposite side of the peninsula. Many of the permanent residents have purchased homes in Marmaris from modern apartments close to the beaches to large luxury villas that can be set back away from the noise of the resort centre and be surrounded by the natural green hillsides of Marmaris, some lucky enough to boast amazing views over the area and the clear blue Mediterranean Sea. Climate The weather in Marmaris is that of full sunshine and high temperatures throughout the high season when temperatures near can reach almost 50 degrees centigrade on some days, though for some this is too hot, with lots of visitors preferring to visits in the early or later part of the season when the heat from the sun is much more comfortable to handle. Winters in Marmaris are very mild, though it does receive a tremendous amount of rain, sometimes in small sharp showers and occasionally long bouts of heavy rainfall, when some area are prone to flooding as Marmaris does sit at the foot of the mountains. Beaches The beaches in Marmaris can get rather crowded in the height of the summer as they are not so wide, though they do stretch some distance, with some slightly less crowded, and most will offer a wide range water sports with Banana rides, ringo’s, jet skiing, water skiing and much more, and if you take the trip to nearby Icmeler beach you will find a wider and less crowded beach with its gentle sloping sands and shallow water being perfect for families with younger children. Things to do in Marmaris No matter how old or young you are Marmaris has something for you, water parks with slides and rides for all ages, excellent shopping facilities, deep sea diving, relaxing daily bout tours stopping off in secluded bays to cool off in the sea and enjoy a lovely barbeque lunch along the way, sunset boat tours are also amazing with the boats chasing the falling sun before its sets behind the mountains. If you are little more adventurous you can head of on off-road jeep safaris, horse riding tours through the mountains, or white water rafting along the Dalaman River and for the more culturally minded you can book a Marmaris village tour and take in a traditional Turkish village life and see much more of the Marmaris area and its beautiful surroundings, just pop into one of the town’s tour agency shops to see all the activities and tours on offer, you may need more than a week or two! Where to buy property in Marmaris When choosing to buy property in Marmaris , it depends on your reason for buying, when choosing investment property in Marmaris you would be advised to steer your search to central areas of the town as many of the towns visitors search for holiday accommodation within easy reach of the beaches and the towns nightlife and amenities. Regular visitors who know the area well may choose to buy a holiday home a little further from the centre, often set back from the beaches in the quieter and more relaxed Amutalan area, though this areas still offers ample bars and restaurants for its residents as Armutalan is also popular with many of the areas expats and is a rather large residential area. Those choosing to move to Marmaris tend to choose the quieter areas, such as Armutalan for its amenities and close proximity to the centre which is mostly active all year round, though several places do close down for the winter. Some choose areas on the outskirts of Marmaris to live away from the busy resort areas and enjoy a laid back and more traditional lifestyle, in villages such as Bozburun, Icmeler, Selimiye and Hisaronu (not to be confused with the lively resort of the same name in the nearby Fethiye area), though some of these areas can be quite deserted in the off season months, so a car is advised for travelling around the Marmaris area. Required budget for property in Marmaris This will depend on the chosen area and the type of property and lifestyle you require, though you will find that central Marmaris property for sale will usually come with premium price tags as they are highly sought after by investors looking or high rental yields. Luxury Marmaris property with a view of the sea will also show at high prices in most areas, and for those on humble budgets you may be best to search the area of Amutalan as prices will be slightly lower even though Marmaris is not famed for its value for money real estate.


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Marmaris,Den 18 Km Uzaklıkta 19000M2 Denize Sıfır Otel Arsamız Satılıktır.

Marmaris,Den 18 Km Uzaklıkta 19000M2 Denize Sıfır Otel Arsamız Satılıktır.

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