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Marmaris Real Estate Investment Consulting Office

Beautiful Marmaris is a resort in the province of Mugla in southwestern Turkey, izmir International Airport with a magnificent view of the vast green landscape of about 100 km and will take your holiday and breath at the end of the mediterranean to capture the first blue estuity Where it is located is about 1 hour 20 minutes drive going down a steep mountain road.

Today it is an old fishing village with a large natural harbor and marina, a very popular coastal destination offering a vibrant atmosphere and a wonderfully warm climate like many coastal regions of Turkey.  The resorts are on the opposite side of the Peninsula of Turunç and Selimye, as are many lively bars and nightclubs, various aqua parks, other quiet resorts like a long stretch of sandy beaches that fold around a peninsula meeting.

Surrounded by the Natural Green hills of Marmaris and away from the hustle and bustle of the resort, you have purchased a house in Marmaris, one of the modern apartments close to the beaches close to the beaches, and this area is lucky with its stunning views of the light blue Mediterranean. some of them.


In the high season, when the weather in Marmaris is high, when the sunset and high temperatures, temperatures can approach 50 degrees celsius on some days, despite the fact that it is very hot, visitors prefer to visit early or late of the season. the heat from the sun becomes much more comfortable.

In Marmaris, winters are very mild, but although it gets a lot of rain, sometimes in small open weather and sometimes in long rains, in some areas marmaris tends to flood when sitting at the foot of the mountains.


Marmaris beaches will stretch a little distance, though they will offer a wide water sport with a lot of summer crowds, slightly less crowded and most banana rides, ringo, jet ski, water ski and more, and if you take a trip to nearby beach Drinks are slightly sloping While sand and shallow water are perfect for families with young children, you will find a wider and less crowded beach.

Things to do in Marmaris

No matter how old or young you are in Marmaris are young you have something for you, you can visit a beautiful barbecue lunch along the way to cool off to the sea in water parks, excellent shopping facilities, deep sea diving, secluded bays with slides and rides for all ages Relaxing daily bout tours, sunset boat tours are also great with boats following the falling sun before sinking behind the mountains.

If you are a little more adventurous, watch off-road jeep Safari, horse back rides over mountains or white water racks along the Dalaman River and book a Marmaris Village tour and a traditional Turkish village to see life and much more and beautiful surroundings, You may need more than a week or two, just to see all the activities and tours of the pop into the shops of a town's tour agency!

Real estate purchase in Marmaris

When buying real estate in Marmaris, depending on the reason for the purchase, when buying real estate in Marmaris, many visitors in the city search the city center for a holiday that is easily accessible to the beaches and the nightlife and activities of the towns. you are advised to redirect.

While this area still offers plenty of bars and restaurants for residents such as Pearalan, which is popular with many area expats in many areas of halls and quite large residential area, regular visitors know the best area, usually quieter and more comfortable amutalan Set back the beaches in the area, you can choose to buy a holiday home a little more medium and a fairly large residential area.

Those who prefer to move to Marmaris prefer quieter areas such as Armutalan for their comfort and proximity to the center, which is more active all year round. Some in villages such as Bozburun, Heat, Selimiye and Hisaronu (not to be confused with a live resort of the same name in the nearby Fethiye region) to live away from the busy resort areas and enjoy a more traditional lifestyle, this While some of the areas can be quite abandoned during the off-season months, it is advisable to travel around the Marmaris area in a car.

Budget required for Marmaris real estate

This means that, depending on the area you choose and the type of property you need and lifestyle, the central property of Marmaris for sale will usually come with premium price tags, but highly investor-sought or high rental yields you'll find that you're being sought by people who are looking for it.

While the luxury Marmaris real estate with sea views also shows high prices in most areas and the price for those with modest budgets is a bit lower, it may be best to look for the amutalan area as the money in Marmaris is not famous for the value of real estate.

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After you have bought and purchased a new home in Turkey, you will not doubt that you will not be able to require some help with a time or other home, perhaps you have bought a newly built property that requires furniture, or if you sell real estate in need of a small business, or perhaps a renovation project that requires traders.

Here in their homes in Turkey, just sending a phone call or e-mail, helping with any repairs, no matter how big or small, whether it's an urgent job or a very small thing, our professional, reliable employees, an emergency job or too Whether it's a small thing or not, we will organize to make all kinds of repairs and, as we regularly use the desired company choices, we will negotiate well for our customers.

Our team can also help furnish your new Turkish property by taking it to reputable furniture stores where we can still offer great discounts for our valued customers.

Property management and leasing services

In today's changing climate, many overseas buyers are buying holiday homes ideal for their annual holidays, as some home buyers are also gaining rental income, renting properties, as they are not able to stay in property full time, own for annual holidays only, due to family, health or job commitments.

After-sales teams in Turkey can also help in this area, we can provide an excellent set of garden and pool maintenance for real estate maintenance to provide airport transfers to meet and welcome service, guests etc. every day, a cleaning service

Our property management service doesn't stop there where we can also supply guests by advertising rental property on various websites, and all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch the next egg growth.

Investment real estate has been largely removed in Turkey in recent years, with special area properties of Kalkan, usually 9-10% rent yields per year, for example this stunning luxury Kalkan Villa can earn about £2,000 weekly rental income per week for at least 18 weeks rental period.

Fethiye region now closely follows our partner developers, even offers guaranteed leases with up to 8-9% yields to real estate investors, just one reason for the development of the real estate investment market.

What are the fees?

Usually most established rental management companies charge between 15-20% of the service they provide is quite reasonable for the service they think is for depth.

You will receive the peace of mind where your property is taken care of, you get a healthy return on your investment and you can enjoy your property in Turkey every year.

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